The Actisol® Compact Unit combines a deficient quantity of insecticide using high air pressure, atomizing the mix in a unique nozzle. The atomization nozzle generates a higher percentage of ideally-sized insecticide particles at a constant high volume air flow. A professional exterminator uses the Actisol® Compact Unit to penetrate most concealed recesses of cracks, cracks, and voids for targeted pests.

There are some precaution procedures you need to know before you start using Actisol® Compact Unit. Everybody in the treatment area must wear an approved respirator. Switch off all lights or sources of open flame. Ventilation systems must be turned off. Appliances which routinely generate high heat ought to be turned off. Computers and other electrical equipment ought to be switched off, covered, or removed from the treatment area. All of the non-pest control technicians must leave the treatment area. Cover or remove all plants, aquariums, pets, such as exotic animals (birds, amphibians, reptiles, arachnids) have to be taken off. Re-entry for exotic pets isn’t suggested for 24 hours. All vulnerable food has to be removed or put in containers which will prevent contact with the insecticide. Please remove all food from the kitchen and store them in containers, all kitchen surfaces and containers should be washed thoroughly before reuse. Close and lock all entrance ways. Put warning signs on doors opened to the treatment site. Open all doors, cabinets, storage spaces, and drawers in the treatment area.

Before reoccupation, thoroughly exfoliate the treated area. Don’t use petrol powered equipment in grain mills or grain processing places. Dust might be highly volatile. Electrically powered components have to be licensed as explosion evidence for all these websites. Check with manufacturers for information on the certificate.