If you have a problem with unwanted creepy crawly guests or rodents in your home, you will want to look into pest control equipment to effectively get rid of the issue. Professional high tech pest control equipment is usually used by pest control Toronto professionals, although there might be a situation where you would need to use it yourself as a homeowner. However, most of the time it is operated by someone who has a pest control service and is trained in proper pest control techniques.

Here are some of the types of pest control equipment:

Pump Sprayer

This is a device that is used to spray insecticide. It usually consists of a portable stainless steel tank and a hose that is connected to a wand, which sprays the insecticide out of the tip. Having a good quality pump sprayer is important so that you can get the chemicals into the right place and make sure they are effective. Also, the wand is usually around 18 inches long – which allows you to spray while staying within a safe distance from the target. The long wand is also a great way to spray difficult to reach spaces.


This is a type of equipment that is similar to a sprayer as it uses liquid pesticide. However, instead of spraying the pesticide it will atomize the particles so that it forms a pesticide fog. It is safe to use foggers both indoors and outdoors and with many models you will be able to adjust the size of the particle to fit the application. For example, smaller particles work better indoors and larger particles should be used outdoors to help the solution settle faster.


A duster is another device that allows you to spray insecticide dust and get rid of pests. It is operated like a bellows and it allows you to place the insecticide into the smallest crevices and cracks. A duster is a simple device and it contains a chamber for dust, as well as a filter that will ensure that the dust is distributed evenly. Dusters are very helpful tools for getting the pesticide into the small cracks around the home.

These are just a few examples of types of high tech pest control equipment. This equipment is very useful when it comes to getting rid of unwanted pests in your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.