Seeing a cockroach will be likely to ruin your day. If there is one there are more. Not only is it disgusting to have a pest problem, but it is embarrassing as well. Friends and family might start thinking that you have a serious hygiene problem or that you can’t clean your home properly. Pests happen and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. There are both professional exterminators as well as insecticides you can purchase to help you get rid of the problem. According to Pest Control Markham, most over the counter insecticides do not work.

The first step in selecting which of the latest pest control insecticides to get is to identify the problem organism. The reason for this is because not all insecticide is effective against all pests. Chich bugs might be resistant to something that will kill off the Asian cockroach. If you misidentify the trouble organism then you will not be able to effectively treat the problem. There are guides out there to help you as well as extermination businesses.

Finally, when choosing an insecticide it is very important to select the one effective for treating your pest, but also the one least harmful to human health. There is a wide variety of the latest pest control insecticides and they all have different effects. Always read the label. Never use a toxic product like this before reading the label. There will be important information about the active ingredient, the types of plants or sites where it can be applied, as well as the potential harm it can do to humans. When using insecticide you are literally handling poison, and you should treat it as such.

There is general purpose pest control which should never be used indoors. These products can be effective in treating areas that humans rarely come in contact with like cracks, crevices, and baseboards. Some of the best and latest pest control insecticides include: Demand CS, Demon EC, Cynoff WP, and Talstar. The two letters at the end of the product name give valuable information about the product. For a complete key you can refer to the Citizen’s Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety on the government’s website.

Knowing what you’re treating will help you be effective in eradicating the pest. The general products listed above are great and effective and their use. Make sure that you always read the label and that you treat the insecticide like poison, because that is what it is. Finally, don’t spray pesticide in areas where it will get into the city’s water supply. Getting pesticide in the water is not a fun situation to be in.